Composed of a team of experts, Striking 12 Solutions is an institution on the web that caters to businesses on the verge of collapse due to liabilities that hinder their growth. With our varied experience in the government and the private sector, our professional financial opinion is sought after by many establishments around the globe. Through transparent interactive correspondence with you, our team can easily dissect your entity and point out the inefficiencies that lead you to your financial problems. By thoroughly reviewing your policies and procedures, we provide you the best remedial measures that can best liberate you from your current status and these remedies may only entail simple do-it- yourself solutions but are ensured of accuracy and effectiveness.

Our daily business and financial news gathered from commercial centers around the world and commentaries of our experts on business policies and current endeavors are informative and educational. With permission of clients who have come up winners in their battle with near bankruptcy mainly because they dealt with us, we publish their success stories to provoke inspiration to those undergoing the same situation.